Celebrity Parnelli Jones

I am Parnelli Jones, winner of the 1963 Indianapolis 500 and a host of other major racing events and championships. Being a professional race car driver for most of my life, I was surrounded by very noisy vehicles — the ones I drove and those of my competitors.

Eventually, this chaotic environment severely affected my hearing, and as a result, my lifestyle changed as I struggled to carry on a decent conversation with my wife, friends, and business associates. Consequently, at family gatherings and business meetings, I started to feel like I wasn’t a part of these functions in some way. Straining to hear a radio or television program became a chore, and not a very pleasant one, as I’d have the volume cranked up so I could hear, but this bothered everyone else. I never really considered hearing aids at that time because the ones I saw on others looked ungainly and cumbersome, and frankly, I was told that they didn’t work very well.

However, after many years of elevated hearing loss, and tiring of trying to hear what people were saying to me, I decided to do something about it. I tried a few hearing aid devices, some reported to be very good; however, I found that they were either uncomfortable or, in some cases, not very effective. That’s when I was informed about LYRIC from a good friend who was using them and was very happy with the results. He informed me of your convenient location, so I called for an appointment.

Parnelli Jones - Hearing Aid Testimonial - South Bay Hearing

I walked into your LYRIC office not knowing quite what to expect because my hearing was so bad, and I wasn’t sure if you could help me considering my experience with other devices. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly office staff and the close attention paid to my issues by your technicians, who employed extensive hearing tests to determine the level of volume I should have to hear properly. The LYRIC devices were then easily installed, and the fact that they were virtually invisible was an advantage, I felt, over ones that wrap around your ear or protrude from your ear.

The fact that the LYRIC hearing aids are so small and are easily maintained made me change my mind about hearing aids, and when I realized how effective they are, it changed my life forever. The LYRIC sound levels are easily adjustable by the user, and in fact, if you so wish, the hearing level can be turned down for comfort in a noisy atmosphere such as a large gathering or noisy restaurant. The device to do this is small, convenient, and can be carried in a pocket or purse. Now I can conduct a conversation with friends and family and even watch television without having to raise the volume or have them raise their voices.

I can honestly state that since I’ve been using the LYRIC hearing aids, I’m more engaged with those around me, and my life is so much better because I can now hear things that I forgot I used to hear. Driving a passenger car is made safer too, because now I can better hear other cars that may be around me. Additionally, my wife is extremely happy that she doesn’t have to shout any longer to get my attention!

Thank you to the wonderful doctors of audiology and staff at South Bay Hearing. I sit in your office and see how kindly you treat your patients every time I visit. Thank you for taking such good care of me.