We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Patient Testimonials

Paul Denning 9/10

I came to South Bay Hearing for hearing aid repair, and I started using the Lyric hearing aid, which included a free trial.

The Lyric hearing aid is the only hearing aid you can wear for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This made a 100% difference in my quality of life.

For over 10 years, I have been receiving care and the most up-to-date, quality information at South Bay Hearing.

Rose 10/10

My daughter noticed my hearing loss first. I frequently didn't understand what she said, or I had to have her repeat what she said to me. She is the one who begged me to get my hearing tested.

Get your hearing checked. South Bay Hearing is not an intimidating place. They will take care of you and answer all of your questions.

Evelyn B. Empie
Evelyn B. Empie

My grandson got married the Spring just before the Covid-19 hit. It was an outdoor wedding held at a mansion in Palm Desert that rents out for venues. 200 guests, sitting out doors, and I had no problem hearing every thing that went on. Thanks to Dr. Matt Young!

Mary B Stephens, Patient Since (September 2020)

I realized I may have a hearing challenge when I found myself lip reading more. I was wary as my previous audiologist had cleaned my ear and poked a hole in my left ear drum. But at South Bay Hearing I found compassionate and professional treatment with Sunni McBride.

I would recommend South Bay Hearing.

Paul E, Patient Since (September 2020)

The first indication I had of a hearing problem was ringing in my ears. I had experienced loud noises in the military and whilst working in electric power generation plants. Over the years I noticed that women and children’s voices became particularly hard to hear and trying to distinguish words in a crowded room became completely distracting.

Several years before I visited South Bay Hearing I had been to another audiologist and tests confirmed I had extensive nerve damage. However, at the time most hearing aids were analogue devices and the audiologist advised that these devices would only amplify the tones I could hear and may add to my difficulty in noisy environments.

I followed hearing technology reports over the next several years as digital devices came onto the market and contacted South Bay based on their online reviews.

I was surprised by the thoroughness of the physical and electronic examination of my ears, the audiologist was friendly, professional and competent.

With the exception of some minor tinnitus my hearing issues are history. I recently replaced my initial five year old devices as they needed out of warranty repairs. The new devices, in my opinion, are a quantum leap ahead of the prior aids (which I was very happy with!).

My advice to anyone concerned about their hearing would be – get tested! Find out what hearing aids can actually do for you. It is painless and the audiologists at South Bay Hearing are wonderful. If your hearing is anything like mine was then this could be a life changer for you.

Mark Wechsler

Audiologist, Dr. Sunni McBride, treated me for my tinnitus. Levo was the treatment used to reduce the persistent ringing in my ears. Dr. McBride negotiated with Otoharmonics on my behalf when the Levo could not be rebooted. The company issued a new Levo to me and Dr. McBride helped me to program the new Levo to my tinnitus.

I am feeling better now. My tinnitus is no longer the problem that it once was.

If you are experiencing tinnitus as I did, I would recommend Dr. McBride and her staff at South Bay Hearing and Balance.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about the people at South Bay Hearing and, in particular, Dr. McBride. Yesterday, she performed an absolute miracle for a woman who has had a very tough life, and lost her hearing due to family trauma. It is hard to explain how being able to hear can change someone’s personality, but literally overnight a woman who had felt depressed and lonely has now come out of her shell and is beaming with joy because she can hear again and can participate in the world the way she once could. The kindness and compassion of all of the professionals at the office was the best I have ever experienced. I hope everyone there knows what angels they are.

Glen Tomkiewicz

From the very beginning I was treated with respect and welcoming faces and greetings. From the Doctors to the techs and those who sit at the front desk are ALL GREAT. They knew their stuff, have the latest technology, and offered options and let you choose. Never was I once felt pressured. Enough said. If you have a hearing issue. Go see these people. You’ll be happy you did.

Van Burns

The cost of good hearing aids are scary, but South Bay’s quality, service and highly educated professional staff is second to none. Most hearing aids will look the same and you can purchase them elsewhere for 1/3 the cost. However the bargain technician will most likely only be average in training and education. In addition; That technician is trying to pair your hearing difficulties, using hearing aids that look great, but are 5 years behind in technology. It’s not worth cutting corners……….South Bay Hearing is committed to the quality of life, for all there clients.

Taryn Burgess

My experience is always great at South Bay Hearing and Balance Center. They are efficient, professional, caring and handle things in a timely manner. I recommend them with the highest rating. I am confident in all they do for my health and hearing.

Gloria Arujo

We brought our 85-year-old mother, who is memory impaired, to be fitted with hearing aids. The experience was quick, and for the first time in many years our mother can hear again. The staff is professional and very knowledgeable. Hearing has opened up my mother’s world in a positive way. Thank you very much.

Alan Cook

I had my annual hearing test and talked about my hearing aids. They should be good for another year. Good visit.

Corina Gamez

Enjoy coming here! Whenever my hearing aid is not acting great, they try their best to help out the same day without an appointment.The people here are very sweet and caring. You won’t leave this place feeling disappointed!

CW Mitchell

I have always been treated very well by the staff. They are friendly and helpful. Problems I have had with other hearing aids I never have had with these. Thank you South Bay Hearing & Balance Center.

Patty Hedrick

Absolutely the best. Take the time to really evaluate you and what issues you are having. I have referred several people there and everyone is so pleased with the friendliness, expertise and professionalism. Thank you!

Rick Myob

Very professional care! Took my 96 year old mom, to them, and they patiently took all the time, she needed, to create a perfect fit, and tune the devices, to her requirements. Follow up, and ongoing support, were as she needed. Couldn’t be happier, with the care received.

Linda Van Hoy

I bring my mother to South Bay Hearing, highly recommended by a friend, and it’s always a pleasant visit. I love it that she is treated so kindly and the staff is wonderful. Great customer service!!

Raymond Allen

Awesome staff. Efficient and caring. Great place for all your hearing and balance needs!

Joe Cattivera

Everybody in the office is always warm and very welcoming and have always done a terrific job to solve whatever problem I may have. From cleaning to tweaking I have always left with better hearing and a very good feeling.

Rodger Ponsonby

A pleasant and helpful experience . All of the staff are very kind. I would recommend South Bay Hearing to anyone!

Duane Hinkle

Everyone there is caring, knowledgeable, and helpful. Highly recommended.

Patrick Such

Awesome customer service..they give u lots of options and care deeply for their clients..make u feel at home!

James and Jennifer Yoh

I needed an urgent hearing test. I got it on the same day. They are professional and courteous.

Stuart Wild

I really enjoy my visits to Southbay hearing. The receptionist are very friendly and the staff I deal with are always very professional.

Barry H. Tischler M.D.

Everything at the visit was professional and efficient as usual.

Dr Billy Kidd

South Bay Hearing changed my life. I was fitted on the first visit with in-the-canal Lyric hearing aids. Suddenly the world came to life. I actually did not know that the birds in my yard tweeted all day long. Now I enjoy listening to them.

I have used other non-in-the-canal hearing aids. They are no match for the Lyric. There’s a 45 day trial period with South Bay. All payments are refunded if at 45 days you believe that the Lyric is not what you want. And the testing is complementary. So a person can find out if they are a candidate for the Lyric at no charge.

I know this is expensive. For me it doesn’t matter. My whole life is better now that I can hear well for the first time in 30 years. Call them if you want to discuss costs

Laurie Marquis

I have been coming for many years and I will go no where else. They are just great people!

Walter Brannan

Organized, efficient and friendly. Very good experience.

Donna Wong

Having had tinnitus (ringing) in my R-ear 24-7 for 4yrs despite having been to the House of Ears and multiple ENTs

Jack Bacon

Very well laid out professional office. Staff very friendly and competent.

Joe Frank Chavez

South Bay Hearing uses the latest technology and very easy to get fitted for the proper equipment.

Frank DeGirolamo

Thank you guys for all the excellent care.

Stephanie Grosch

I found South Bay Hearing and they continually listen to my concerns and needs.

Debbie I.

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff. Special thanks to Dr. Ian Gerszewski who utilized his medical and technology expertise and careful listening to my mother’s unique living situation to develop a creative hearing aid solution that has significantly improved the quality of her life. We are most grateful!

Howard Sacks

Service is excellent and the all of the staff friendly and helpful.

Rebecca Veltman

Excellent service by entire professional & office staff.

Jim Vargas

Excelent service and pricing.

Martin Plost

Great and friendly staff.

Mary Anne Katz

I’m 77. based on what a can hear now i was missing an awful lot.

Holly Walker

Friendly staff who always go the extra bit to make you feel welcome & important.

Bill Webster

Very good experience. They keep working until you hearing is as good as it can be. They are very attentive to problems. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I have seen Rachel and Sunni and they are both great.

Ted Nichols

Prompt service. We travel a lot and they accomadate us with extra service when we do.

George Y. Hirano, CLU, SFSP

"I happened to see your ad and decided to investigate the recent innovation in hearing aids. After trying one, you fitted me with perfect tools to hear! All my friends and colleagues now know Dr. Sunni McBride, and many have already taken our recommendation to be cared for by South Bay Hearing & Balance Center. You really know the meaning of Personalized Friendly Service with a Smile."

Linda Arrico

”Without you I would still be living in a silent world. Each day I experience a new sound, it is totally UNREAL!!!!!! When I first got my new ear (my name for my hearing aid), I didn’t know what the clicking sound I kept hearing in my car was, then I realized it was my turn signals. WOW! After that I stayed up all night just to hear the rain. These are just a few of the things in life I would still be missing without Sunni’s help! How does one thank someone for giving them such a gift? My quality of life is soooooo much better!“

Jack Kerr


Things had slowed down for a while
When people spoke, I would nod and smile,
But I lived in a tunnel dark and deep
In the silence deaf people keep.
Then one day on a sunny morn,
A new set of ears were born.
Dr. McBride had done it again:
Ears like I remember when.”

Marion S. Estes

"Making the decision to address my hearing loss, after years of denial, was not easy. Once the decision was made, the next step was to find a Doctor of Audiology to properly assess my hearing. Sunni, you immediately made me feel comfortable, which made the entire process very easy.

My 'new ears' are terrific! Hearing well is the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I wish I’d done it years sooner. Every day brings new sounds to enjoy like birds chirping, raindrops, along with dozens of other sounds. My world is a brighter place because I am hearing well. Telephone calls and conversations are clear, and not having to ask someone to repeat what they said is just so great. The only trouble I seem to have is forgetting to take them out before bed."

Bruce Megowan

"Sunni McBride has been a godsend to me. I was in denial of my hearing loss and was driving my wife and kids crazy with the volume on the TV and my constantly asking them to repeat everything they said to me. I was reluctant to pay the cost of hearing aids, as I knew that I wanted small hearing aids that were not noticeable, and then finally realized that life was too short to go through life not understanding what people said. She is very friendly and puts you at ease immediately upon meeting her as well as throughout the process of choosing the right hearing aid for you. Sunni is very professional, and the technology that she uses to make sure that you get the perfect hearing aid for your individual hearing issues is impressive. She was also extremely helpful during my initial use of the hearing aid in fine-tuning it as I was getting used to it. Her office staff is also very friendly and provides great service. I highly recommend Sunni McBride, and it is no wonder that she keeps getting voted as the South Bay’s favorite audiologist."

Mary Gisbrecht

"I came in to South Bay Hearing to have my Lyric hearing instruments changed before visiting my daughter’s home in Washington state. My son-in-law drove us to Skagit, which is nearly to Canada, where the eagles were. That day we saw 12 of those majestic birds. But the highlight of the day for me was while I was standing on a bridge watching one, and he screeched for his mate. That is a sound like no other in the world; and I could HEAR it. Thank you Sunni for your good care."

Herb Harger, a very satisfied client

“About three and a half years ago, I got tired of hearing my wife complain that I couldn’t hear very well. It was about this time that I saw your ad for the Lyric. It had so many features that most other hearing aids don’t have, so I called and made an appointment. I was examined and given a hearing test in a soundproof booth.

I decided to purchase the Lyric — and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The aids and batteries usually last me more than three months, during which time, the most I have to do is turn them on or off, or adjust the volume with a little magnet held close to the ear. Infrequently, one may quit, but when it does, I get a replacement as soon as I walk into the office — and at no extra charge. Their service and personnel are really first-class.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Lyric and South Bay Hearing to anyone with a hearing problem!”

Gary Meyer

“My name is Gary and I am 78 years old. I recently experienced a change in the quality of my life and I regret not addressing the issue sooner.

Earlier in my life, I was exposed to loud noises from gunfire, motorcycles, and heavy machinery. Not much thought was given to hearing protection then; consequently, I suffered some loss of hearing. I had my hearing checked years ago and was told that I had loss, but I didn’t often notice it and it didn’t seem to bother me. As I grew older, I realized that my hearing had gotten worse. I could no longer hear the birds outside, or a cricket, and my wife began to complain about it.

I thought about hearing aids and decided to order one from As Seen on TV. I was disappointed with this aid because it amplified all sounds, including my voice when I spoke, which was not comfortable. I knew people who owned hearing aids, but they didn’t wear them. My wife was tired of the loud TV and me constantly asking “What?” I have a cell phone, but I didn’t carry it because I couldn’t hear it ring. I avoided conversations in a crowd because I could only hear noise, but I could not understand what people were saying.

I was worried about the cost of hearing aids because I don’t have insurance coverage.

As time passed, I decided to look again at getting hearing aids. I was skeptical, thinking that nothing could be done for my hearing loss. I chose to go to South Bay Hearing after seeing their ads in the paper showing that they were voted “The Best Hearing Center in the South Bay.” I met Dr. Sunni McBride, the owner, and one of the doctors of audiology on staff. I had my hearing tested and found that my loss was significant. I continued to doubt that my hearing could be improved. Sunni reviewed my hearing problems with me and said she could help me.

I tried on some hearing aids that she adjusted for my hearing loss. With the assistance of these aids my hearing was so improved that I wept. I was amazed! I knew I couldn’t live without them!

I have now been wearing the hearing aids for several weeks, and I am still surprised to hear new things. For example, I didn’t know my cell phone made sounds of various types. I found out that, for the past nine months, I have been living within three feet of a very noisy parakeet. My wife used to complain about him, but all I used to hear was a few chirping noises. Now, I hear him constantly jabbering and chirping quite loudly. I love music and the sound has improved so significantly that I wish to go to a symphony. I was surprised that my hearing aids have various adjustments for different environments and volumes. I have left my quiet life and now enjoy enough new sounds to fill a page.”

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