We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Patient Testimonials

Dr. James Hartman, patient of South Bay Hearing
Dr. James Hartman – “Helpful and responsive.”

James crossed paths with Sunni McBride at a Rotary Club meeting one evening, and this encounter would impact his hearing to this day.

He begins his story by recalling how his hearing loss affected his work. “In my early sixties, I realized I could not hear as well as I should,” says James. “I was working in a school and transitioning to teach at a college, and I recognized the need to hear my students and colleagues.

“There are hearing problems in my family, and I had experiences with my mother getting a hearing aid but not having a relationship with an audiologist – that did not work well,” he notes. “I heard Sunni McBride speak at a Rotary Club meeting, and I knew right away she was the person I wanted to work with.”

James says the team at South Bay Hearing has “been very helpful and responsive.” From his initial appointment through to follow-up care and regular appointments, James’s hearing loss no longer prevents him from living the life he loves.

He continues, “Hearing aids facilitated me working as a teacher and administrator into my seventies. I was able to use Lyric aids, which are invisible, and recently switched to another in-the-ear aid. Life is good.”

James considers South Bay Hearing the “most professional and current provider in Los Angeles” and is clearly thankful for meeting Sunni all those years ago. He concludes, “Several audiologists have been trained by Sunni. I was recently in Idaho, stopped for an adjustment at a small office in Pocatello, and the audiologist there knew Sunni McBride.”

Suzanne Benning, patient of South Bay Hearing
Suzanne Benning – “Friendly and professional.”

Suzanne became aware of her hearing loss nearly fifteen years ago. She recalls, “I realized I was asking everyone to repeat everything, and I knew that was becoming annoying to them.”

At the time, she opted for treatment, but she wasn’t completely satisfied. “I had tried the old style hearing aids but only used them part of the time. I hoped for something newer and better,” she says.

Willing to try again, Suzanne made an appointment with South Bay Hearing. Remembering her first appointment, she says, “Everyone was friendly and professional, and I knew they were the only local source for the Lyric aid which I wanted to try.”

At her appointment, Suzanne’s hearing was comprehensively tested and it was determined that the Lyric hearing aids were a good option for her.

To this day, Suzanne is relieved she didn’t give up. She notes she’s been wearing hearing aids for “ten to fifteen years, but the Lyric for the last 10 years has been wonderful.”

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, she adds, “I recommend the Lyric to all my friends, but South Bay Hearing has all the latest types and know how to test for the best aid for each person.”

Christine Esprabens, patient of South Bay Hearing
Christine Esprabens – “Incredibly wonderful.”

When reflecting on her hearing loss, Christine says there are several moments that stood out, indicating something wasn’t right.

She says, “Most recently, a year ago, I had to stand really closely to the Home Depot employee to hear what he was saying. That was embarrassing and I knew something was 'off.' Then there was the 3rd grade, when I knew the nurse would see I couldn't hear in my right ear.”

Having tried hearing aids previously, Christine’s only concern prior to visiting South Bay Hearing was whether they could help her. “Years ago I'd tried a CROS hearing aid at another distributor and wasn't satisfied with the product I purchased,” she explains. “Although the audiologist spoke of fine tuning during subsequent visits, maybe the options just weren't there. Maybe I wasn't communicating what I was experiencing well enough.”

Recalling her first appointment at South Bay Hearing, Christine says, “I remember that audiologist Matt Young knew the nuances of single-sided deafness better than I did. Wow, was he good I thought!”

By the end of her appointment, Christine was prescribed new hearing aids tailored to her unique needs. Although, she is currently adjusting to her new devices, Christine is excited about what the future holds.

She says, “Finally, this past year at 60 years old, I've felt more a whole person. I still haven't experienced what my hearing aids still have to offer me while we've been in pandemic 'lock down,' but I can't wait to find out!”

Christine rates South Bay Hearing a 9/10 and encourages others to not hold back on their hearing care. “You owe it to yourself and possibly to your loved ones,” she says. “My experience with its employees has been incredibly wonderful.”

Judy Deutsch, patient of South Bay Hearing
Judy Deutsch – “Helpful and calming.”

Judy became aware of her hearing loss while at work. “I was working in a school and had to ask people to repeat what they had said,” she recalls.

Prior to her appointment at South Bay Hearing, Judy admits, “I was scared.”

However, she says, “Ian was very helpful and calming,” and Judy soon felt at ease. At her appointment, Judy had the chance to describe her hearing challenges before having several short hearing tests.

She is currently working with the team to find the perfect hearing solution. She explains, "Still searching for the perfect crossover hearing aid. I can hear from one ear good but tone deaf in the other ear."

Judy gives South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating and encourage others, “Make an appointment.”

Conchita Kemp, patient of South Bay Hearing
Conchita Kemp – “Awesome.”

Conchita became concerned about her hearing when she noticed she was “missing words” during conversations. This prompted her to make an appointment with South Bay Hearing to find out what was happening.

She remembers the appointment as “awesome” and was impressed with Dr. Ian and the staff. Conchita was prescribed hearing aids following her comprehensive hearing test.

She says she is getting on with her new devices "very well."

Conchita rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and says that anyone who is struggling to hear “should go for an evaluation.”

Victoria Torie Tinder, patient of South Bay Hearing
Victoria (Torie) Tinder – “I love being part of the conversation now.”

Torie first became aware of her hearing loss when she was a teenager. "I was 16 and found out I had mild hearing loss, mostly low tone noises, so if the TV or radio was on, I couldn't make out conversations at the same time,” she recalls.

As time went on and her hearing continued to deteriorate, it became apparent that she may need to try hearing aids. However, she did have some concerns.

“I was worried as it got worse if I would have to wear the same huge, clunky hearing aids my dad had worn most of my life. Cost was my biggest concern and also, even though my dad wore hearing aids, he still couldn't hear very well,” says Torie.

Upon arriving at South Bay Hearing, it was like discovering her home away from home. “Everyone was so friendly, and it was a nice, clean environment,” Torie recalls. “Also, there were fresh baked goodies for easing fears! Pre-COVID, of course.”

Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, Torie was prescribed hearing aids.

Now, she enjoys reconnecting to sounds she hasn’t heard properly in ages. “I love being part of the conversation now,” she shares. “The first few weeks, I heard so many things I didn't know what they were because it had been years since I had heard them. My husband was bombarded with ‘What's that?’ all the time.”

Torie gives South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating and encourages others not to hesitate. “I would say go! Right away. Every day you can't hear properly is a day stolen. And the doctors and staff at South Bay Hearing will help you see what you have been missing.

“They have payment options, they can simulate the hearing improvement you will get. And, the hearing aids are so much smaller than my dad wore! Hardly anyone realizes I wear them."

Beth Wilson, patient of South Bay Hearing
Beth Wilson – “I can hear better!”

When Beth’s hearing began to decline, it didn’t take long before she imagined the worst-case scenario. She recalls worrying “that it would get worse and I would be totally deaf.”

Wanting to ensure the best outcome for her hearing health, Beth made an appointment with South Bay Hearing. She says her first impression of the team was that they were “clean, friendly, knowledgeable staff.”

Beth’s test results showed that hearing aids would benefit her – and they have!
“I can hear better!” she exclaims.

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, she encourages others, “Just go and talk to them!”

Anthony Norton, patient of South Bay Hearing
Anthony Norton – “Give them a call.”

Anthony became concerned about his hearing when “certain words were harder to hear.”

He didn’t hesitate to turn to South Bay Hearing for help. Anthony says the team was “very concerned in helping me hear better.”

His appointment began with a discussion about his concerns and challenges. Following a few simple tests, Anthony received his results right away. Hearing aids were recommended, and Anthony is happy with the outcome.

He says, “My hearing has greatly improved. It’s nice not having to ask someone to repeat what they just said.”

Anthony gives South Bay Hearing a 9/10 rating and advises prospective patients, “Give them a call. They are there to help and they do!”

John Smithlin, patient of South Bay Hearing
John – “Go get tested.”

When John’s hearing loss meant he was struggling daily to hear the world around him, he turned to South Bay Hearing for help.

He recalls the team was “organized” and “efficient.” Soon, John had the answers he was looking for in terms of his hearing loss and a solution. Hearing aids were prescribed, and devices were recommended based on his individual needs.

John is pleased with the results and thoroughly loves his new devices. “I cannot live without them. Needed every day,” he says.

Giving South Bay Hearing an 8/10 rating, he advises, “Go and get tested, see what the results are, try a pair of hearing aids.”

Greg Sparkman, patient of South Bay Hearing
Greg Sparkman – “A pleasant, friendly place.”

Greg was no stranger to hearing loss. As his mother had hearing challenges, he knew all too well about the frustration and stress it could cause. In fact, it was enough for him to ensure his own hearing loss wouldn’t affect his family in the future.

He explains, “My mother had hearing loss, and it caused my sister and me mild annoyance at the volume of her TV when we visited and her inability to hear our conversations. Constant shouting to be heard and a lot of repeating what we just said.

“When I noted my own issues with hearing my own family and friends, I didn't want to have important people in my life developing the same type of annoyance with me that I'd felt with my mother. I didn't want to be that person that has to ask people to repeat themselves. Nor did I want people in social or professional settings to start suspecting my cognitive abilities because I didn't quite ‘get’ what they were saying.”

Although Greg says he was concerned that his hearing loss might not be able to be corrected, he made an appointment with South Bay Hearing. Any doubts he had were soon put to rest. “I was quickly assured that a solution would be identified,” he says.

Now, with his new hearing aids, Greg’s future is back on track, and he is thrilled with the results. He compares the improvement in his hearing to when he first wore eyeglasses. Greg says he feels the “same way I did when I got my first pair of eyeglasses – when I saw the definition of eyesight that I didn't know I was missing. I can again hear the ‘missing’ details in sound and speech.”

Rating South Bay Hearing a 9/10, Greg recommends them to others. When asked what advice he would like to share, he says, “The same thing Nike says: Just Do it.”

Monique Thorrington, patient of South Bay Hearing
Monique Thorrington – “You will be in the best hands ever!!!”

Monique clearly remembers the moment when she realized she had a hearing loss. She says, “I had returned home late from the grocery store (carrying a cake) and the kids asked, ‘What time is it, Mom?’ and I replied, ‘Chocolate.’”

She continues, “That is a trivial and innocent example of misunderstanding but is an example of how our minds grasp on to the wrong word and take our thoughts along the wrong path.”

Knowing she needed to seek help, Monique made an appointment with South Bay Hearing. Her experience was a positive one that to this day she embraces. Monique says the team was “very courteous, solicitous, and seeking to help.”

With her new hearing aids, Monique finds daily life less challenging. “They have not restored my hearing to perfection but certainly improved my hearing better so I can participate in conversations and not ask repeatedly for clarification,” she says.

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, Monique advises potential patients, “Try it! You will be in the best hands ever!!!”

Lucille Ruiz, patient of South Bay Hearing
Lucille Ruiz – “Be pleasantly surprised.”

Lucille first noticed that she had difficulty hearing while spending time with her friend. “My best friend was speaking, and I could not hear her,” she recalls.

Following her appointment at South Bay Hearing, Lucille says she was impressed with her “very professional exam” and the “very helpful doctor and staff.”

It was during this appointment where Lucille had the opportunity to discuss her hearing challenges with her audiologist before undergoing a few special hearing tests. Lucille was prescribed hearing aids based on her results.

Now, she finds it easier to interact with others, thanks to her new devices and the individualized care she received. “I can hear better during conversations,” she notes.

Lucille rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and says she would recommend them to anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps. She advises, “Go and be pleasantly surprised.”

Marcia Gehrt – “Do not hesitate.”

Hearing loss doesn’t only limit your ability to hear, but it also can affect your relationships with others.
Marcia says, “It began with arguments I had with my husband when I had to make him repeat what he said to me.”

Following a recommendation, Marcia made an appointment at South Bay Hearing. She says she found the team “organized and friendly.” By the end of her appointment, Marcia was prescribed hearing aids.

Now, communicating is much easier for Marcia. “They certainly help, and I hear the tones that I missed previously. I also had a hard time with television and that is now over,” she says.

Marcia rates South Bay Hearing a 9/10 and advises others, “Do not hesitate and always give an honest answer to their questions. I had to return one set that just did not work for me.”

Kelly C. Ashcraft – “The doctors are sincerely concerned about my hearing.”

Having tinnitus 24/7 can be difficult to cope with.

Kelly knows this all too well and was desperate to find a hearing care provider that could relieve her from the constant ringing.

She says, “Several years ago, I had constant ringing in my ears, and I wasn't satisfied with the results I received from my health insurance provider. That's when I started going to South Bay Hearing. It's been one of the best decisions I've made.”

Kelly approached her impending appointment without any fears “as I knew one of the doctors and trusted her.” She continues, “Aside from seeing Dr. McBride, I was really impressed with the kindness and efficiency of the staff.”

Her new hearing aids have made a huge difference to her life. Kelly says, “WOW! I can actually hear things more clearly than before, and the tinnitus is drastically reduced with the hearing aids.”

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, Kelly says, “I have nothing but good things to say about South Bay Hearing. I feel like the doctors are sincerely concerned about my hearing and I receive excellent care, and they are honest!”

Diane Hudson – “A place of high-quality care.”

When Diane lost her hearing, it happened unexpectedly one night.

She explains, “I had a sudden hearing loss with a vertigo attack in the middle of the night. Stress induced and in the morning after a difficult night, I awoke to realize I had lost a lot of my hearing!"

When Diane came to South Bay Hearing for help, she says she had already had a few experiences with hearing aids elsewhere. Diane recalls, “I had been to a few other places and purchased my first pair of hearing aids from an ENT doctor’s office and then a second pair a few years later from Costco. Only to realize later that Costco does not employ audiologists but only salespeople who will sell you what they have with no regard for it being what you really need."

Upon arriving for her first appointment at SBH, Diane says, “My first impression was professional, clean, caring.” By the end of her appointment, she was prescribed new hearing aids.

She notes that the difference her new devices have made is “huge. All the difference in my life.” Diane continues, “From the fit of the earpiece to the amount of sound and the clarity. Quality highly matters and I found that almost immediately I was no longer saying, ‘Pardon me, what did you say?’ I was hearing the sounds of birds singing, a page in a book being turned, and easily able to understand what people were talking about.”

Diane rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and advises others, “Take your time here, relax a bit, and settle in. You are in a place of high-quality care and professionalism. Finding the right for YOU hearing aid is their main concern.”

Herbert L. Harger – “The only place to go.”

When it came to Herbert’s hearing, he had a dilemma. He recalls, “I couldn't hear well and didn't want to wear those terrible looking hearing aids.”

Although he knew he needed help, he was worried that “my hearing devices would look bad.”
Upon visiting South Bay Hearing, his worries were soon forgotten. “I felt I was in excellent care,” he says.

Once it was determined that hearing aids were a good option for Herbert, he had the chance to see the different hearing aid styles that didn’t look so terrible after all. The best device for his particular needs was suggested to him.

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, he says he would “absolutely” recommend them to others, adding, “The only place to go.”

Lou Knox – “Friendly and caring.”

Lou was struggling to communicate with his wife, and the situation was becoming frustrating. “I couldn’t hear or understand my wife’s words and was continually saying ‘What?’” he recalls.

Without hesitation, Lou made an appointment with South Bay Hearing. He says the team was “friendly and caring with a real need to help.”

And help they did.

Lou was prescribed hearing aids and his new devices have reconnected him with loved ones and the world around him. “I never realized what I was missing,” he acknowledges.

Giving South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating, he encourages others, saying, “Please make an appointment and see what your hearing status really is and how SBH can help you.”

Michelle Chang – “Highly recommend.”

Michelle was experiencing reoccurring ear infections and she wanted to know why. She says that prior to her appointment at South Bay Hearing, it was “more curiosity than fears.”

She recalls that the team was “friendly and helpful” as a diagnosis was made.

Michelle rates South Bay Hearing a 9/10, adding that the team is “professional, very helpful – highly recommend.”

Gustavo Hernandez – “Very good place to visit.”

When Gustavo began to feel “off balance,” he turned to South Bay Hearing for help. He recalls the team was “courteous and professional” as the cause for his imbalance was investigated.

Although, he didn’t need hearing aids, Gustavo gained a better understanding of his balance issue and the best ways to manage it.

Giving South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating, he encourages others to make an appointment, saying they are a “very good place to visit.”

Clay Baker – “Tremendous improvement.”

Clay was a seasoned hearing aid wearer when he made an appointment with South Bay Hearing. He was soon impressed with the care he received, calling SBH a “very professional organization.”

During his appointment, Clay’s hearing was comprehensively tested, and he was prescribed new hearing aids.

The new devices have made a world of difference to Clay’s life. He says, “They allow me to adjust my hearing based on my surroundings. Tremendous improvement over previous hearing aids.”

Clay rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and offers his advice to potential patients, saying, “Let them know your fears and ask a lot of questions. Ask if there is a trial period whereby you can cancel the program.”

Sherian – “Don’t have to keep saying ‘What?’ when someone talks to me.”

When Sherian’s hearing ability began to decline, her number one concern was “that it would get worse with complete loss.”

She made an appointment with South Bay Hearing to find out more about her hearing loss and the treatment options that were available. She recalls that everyone at the office were “very nice, friendly people,” and this helped put her at ease.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Sherian was fitted with hearing aids. She finds life so much easier now. "I don't have to keep saying ‘What?’ when someone talks to me," she explains.

Sherian rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and advises potential patients, "Check it out. You'll like it."

Ray Destabelle – “Give it a shot.”

When Ray began having some trouble with his hearing, he decided to take action. He says, “I was curious if the loss was permanent and, if so, what to do.”

Ray already had an idea of what type of hearing devices he would like if they were needed. Fortunately, South Bay Hearing was able to help with his preference and provide the care he required.

“South Bay Hearing was recommended by my first audiologist because they were the exclusive source of my first choice of Lyric hearing aids,” he explains.

Upon arriving at South Bay Hearing, Ray was impressed with what he found, calling his experience “good.” He says, “The people in the waiting area were my peers. I was favorably impressed with the humanity and technical proficiency of my assigned audiologist.”

Now, with his new hearing aids, Ray finds daily life so much easier and more pleasurable. “They’ve improved my enjoyment of movies and conversations. Allowed me to augment my spouse's understanding of movies,” he says.

Rating South Bay Hearing an 8/10, Ray encourages others, saying, “Give it a shot.”

Greg Donahue – “South Bay will make you whole.”

Prior to visiting South Bay Hearing, Greg had worn hearing aids for many years. Upon arriving for his appointment, he was impressed with their “professional look.” He says he “knew I was in the right place.”

He says his hearing aids are “very important” to his daily life. “Life would be unbearable without them,” he adds.

Greg gives South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating and encourages others by saying, “Go for it. South Bay will make you whole.”

Lois Jones – “You will be satisfied.”

Lois made an appointment with South Bay Hearing in hopes of seeking relief from her tinnitus. She says she found her audiologist to be “very professional and knowledgeable.”

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, which helped to determine the cause of her tinnitus, Lois was prescribed hearing aids to help reduce the constant ringing.

Lois rates South Bay Hearing an 8/10 and encourages others to make an appointment. “You will be satisfied,” she says.

Terry K. – “Get hearing aids and consider South Bay Hearing.”

Terry was struggling to hear and says, “I was wondering, ‘What is going on?’ Biggest concern was permanent hearing loss.”

Terry’s first impressions of South Bay Hearing were “good.” Terry says, “Dr. Ian was patient and listened to my concerns and questions.”

According to Terry, hearing aids have “definitely improved my hearing ability.”

Terry gives South Bay Hearing a 9/10 rating and advises others, “Get hearing aids and consider SBH. Dr. Ian allowed me to try three types of hearing aids to determine which was best for me.”

Phyllis Gee – “Very professional, helpful, and friendly!”

Phyllis thought something odd was happening to her hearing, but she dismissed seeking help for many years. She recalls, “As far back as the 1990s, I was misunderstanding what people were saying when they were just a short distance away. Even if they were speaking into a microphone but moving their head while speaking.”

Eventually, she decided to get her hearing checked. “I was worried that I was losing my hearing because my mother and older sister both had to begin wearing hearing aids,” says Phyllis.

Upon visiting South Bay Hearing, she was impressed with what she found. “I thought they were wonderful! Very professional, helpful, and friendly!” she says.

Once her hearing assessment was completed, Phyllis was fitted with hearing aids.

“I am so thankful for having them and wish I had gotten them sooner,” she says. “I don’t have to constantly ask people to repeat what they said to me. I can also control the volume of sounds in public places.”

Phyllis rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and addresses prospective patients, saying, “I would definitely recommend they call or go in and make an appointment.”

Shelley – “I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

Turning up the volume on the TV or radio may seem like a quick fix when you have a hearing loss. However, doing so not only leaves your hearing loss unaddressed, but it can also cause frustration for loved ones nearby.

Shelley found this to be the case, and she was particularly worried about her younger family members. “I was concerned I would wake my grandbaby up,” she recalls.

Upon arriving for her appointment with South Bay Hearing, Shelley says she found the team “friendly and helpful.” Following her comprehensive hearing test, she was fitted with hearing aids.

Her new devices have restored a sense of calm to her household, and Shelley says, “I can hear so much better.”

Giving South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating, she says, “I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for hearing solutions and services.”

Elida Garcia – “Put me at ease.”

Elida’s hearing loss was affecting her performance at work.

She recalls, “I often conduct presentations for work, and it was becoming more difficult to hear questions or comments from participants. I also had difficulty hearing colleagues during meetings. I often misunderstood questions and I remember seeing puzzled looks on others’ faces.”

Prior to her appointment at South Bay Hearing, Elida says, “I was bit worried about the costs. Most of all, I was not aware of all the different hearing aid options.”

Her first impressions of the team were very good. She says she liked “how personable all the staff was from front office, doctors, financing, and technicians.”

Now, as a hearing aid wearer, Elida’s work is less stressful for her. “They [hearing aids] helped put me at ease especially at work so I could focus on the content of meetings and conversations versus focusing my energy on trying to listen,” she explains.

Elida rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and highly recommends them to others. She advises potential patients to “trust the process and understand that hearing aids are like any other device that may be needed just like eyeglasses, inhalers, etc.”

Peter Bennett – “First class.”

Peter says that when he became “aware my hearing had deteriorated,” he made an appointment with South Bay Hearing in hopes of getting back on track.

Prior to his appointment, Peter admits his main concern was “mostly about affordability.” However, he soon realized he had taken the right step and was happy with what he found. He notes he was “very impressed with Dr. Matt Young” and adds, “Facilities are first class as well as the staff.”

Peter’s new hearing aids have been “a huge life improvement” for him, and he rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10.

He encourages others not to delay an appointment. “Get tested. Be honest with yourself,” Peter advises.

Mary Kay Egel – “Very professional and knowledgeable.”

Mary was already a hearing aid wearer prior to visiting South Bay Hearing. Up to this point, her experience with hearing care had not been a positive one. In fact, it’s something she’d rather forget.

Recalling the moment she realized her hearing was declining, she says, “I started to have trouble hearing during important meetings I was involved in at work. Also, my co-workers would on occasion have to bring it to my attention that a person was trying to communicate with me when I'd be working at my computer. I didn't know the person was behind me and calling me by name. Scary.”

At the time, she thought she had found the help she needed, but her challenges only became worse. Mary explains, “The first set of hearing aids I wore was not purchased through South Bay Hearing. It was an awful first-time experience. I wore them only at work and quickly removed them from my ears when I would go home. The sound was unnatural and squealing in my ears throughout the day. Some co-workers would laugh at me. They were not cheap hearing aids. I spent thousands on them from a so-called reputable audiologist.”

Fortunately, this experience didn’t deter Mary from trying again. She made an appointment with South Bay Hearing and noticed the difference right away.

Mary says the team was “very professional and knowledgeable.” She continues, “They made me feel much better about how my problem can be handled.”

Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, Mary was fitted with new hearing aids, which have proven to be a great success for her.

Mary gives South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating and encourages others to give them a try. “You are on your way to hearing naturally once again,” she concludes.

Karen – “Get your life back.”

Despite the amazing hearing aid technology that is available today, several stigmas remain that often delay people from seeking treatment. One of these misconceptions is that hearing aids are only for the elderly.

Prior to visiting South Bay Hearing, Karen fell into that category. She recalls pondering, “I'm too young to have hearing loss. What will people think? I'm too young to wear hearing aids. What are people going to think?”

During her appointment, Karen’s mindset changed, thanks to the individualized care she experienced. She says, “Dr. McBride was understanding, compassionate, and reassuring.”

Now, Karen is relieved she didn’t delay her treatment. “I can hear again,” she says. “I'm more interactive with people. I participate in more activities. No one is judgmental because I wear them.”

Rating South Bay Hearing a 9/10, she hopes others will let go of their fears and seek help. “Go for it,” she advises. “Get your life back. They are very compassionate.”

Ellen Lees – “They are there for you.”

Ellen says her hearing loss was gradual, but she does recall the moment that prompted her to do something about it. She says, “Being at a noisy restaurant for a friend's 70th birthday party really was my turning point. I could not hear most of the conversations and I felt left out, isolated, and embarrassed.”

Although Ellen didn’t have any specific fears or concerns about visiting an audiologist, something was niggling at her prior to her appointment at South Bay Hearing. “I was grappling with the notion of my age and needing hearing assistance. Perhaps more philosophical than anything else!” she says, describing the uncertainty she felt.

However, she adds, “From the moment I walked into the office, I was greeted sincerely and treated with respect. The friendliness of the reception staff calmed my thoughts immediately.”

Ellen’s hearing was comprehensively tested, and she was prescribed hearing aids. She loves her new devices and says they have helped her “immensely.”

She explains, “From hearing the ‘click’ again for my car's turn signal to the whispers from my grandchildren, I cannot be any more grateful for the gift of hearing.”

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, Ellen advises others, “Just take the leap and do it! The quality of life is wonderful. South Bay Hearing is your partner for this journey. If you need anything from information to supplies, they are there for you."

Anonymous – “It will enrich your life.”

When a loved one refuses to seek help for their hearing loss, they can often come across as grumpy and even stubborn. But chances are, the real reason for avoiding the audiologist lies deep beneath the surface.

Anonymous experienced this firsthand with a loved one. “Grandpa was responding inappropriately to conversation, pretending he could hear what was being said,” begins Anonymous. However, as it turned out, “He did not want to admit that he was getting older and losing his hearing.”

Upon visiting South Bay Hearing, Anonymous was pleased with the care their grandfather received. They said the team was “very professional, caring” while getting him the help he needed.

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, Anonymous has this to say to anyone considering an appointment: “Just do it – it will enrich your life and make you part of the conversation again."

Marthe Cohn – “Go there.”

When Marthe decided it was time to treat her hearing loss, she wanted to ensure her hearing health would be in good hands.

After attending her first appointment, Marthe notes how at ease she felt during her visit, saying, “I felt safe.”

During her comprehensive hearing assessment, Marthe explained her hearing challenges before undergoing a few tests. She received her results soon after and was prescribed hearing aids.
She says her new devices “have helped a great deal.”

Marthe rates South Bay Hearing a 9/10 and recommends them to others, simply saying, “Go there.”

Andy Paroczai – “Take their advice.”

Andy’s quest to improve his hearing had a rocky start, but fortunately everything worked out for him following his initial appointment at South Bay Hearing.

Recalling the moment he realized his hearing was deteriorating, Andy says, “It wasn't a moment; it was a collection of things – having difficulty with hearing women clearly, difficulty in restaurants with conversation. Finally, a hearing test indicated the need.”

He approached South Bay Hearing without any concerns. After all, he had already “had hearing tests elsewhere.”

Describing his previous experience, he says, “I'd tried another well-known hearing center. I stopped going, as their 'doctors' had the approach of used car salesmen and were at times ignorant of what the features of their products were. None of this was true during my first (and subsequent visits) with Dr. McBride.”

Following his comprehensive hearing assessment at South Bay Hearing, Andy was prescribed hearing aids based upon his specific hearing needs and lifestyle. He says his new devices have been a huge success.

“I enjoy classical music concerts, and without the instruments, 25% of the volume and 50% of the frequency response is gone,” he says. “Perhaps more importantly, I'm no longer asking people to repeat themselves as frequently.”

Andy gives South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating and suggests to others, “Give yourself the gift of a hearing test with South Bay Hearing. Discuss your options with them. Then take their advice.”

Lauren Tabor – “Go!”

Lauren’s hearing health declined following a long fight.

She recalls, “After getting off a flight to Hawaii, I felt a ‘blockage,’ as if I couldn’t equalize the pressure in my right ear. I had an ear doctor in Torrance and figured I would go see him when I returned, especially if I couldn’t equalize before it was time to go home.”

Soon after returning home, Lauren found herself at South Bay Hearing. “I was sent to South Bay Hearing after an exam by my ear doctor to see what my hearing loss might be,” she continues. “Dr. Matt examined my ability to hear and sent the report to my ear doctor.”

Now, with hearing aids, Lauren’s troubles have been mostly resolved. She explains, “My hearing aids help me to hear better, especially in situations where words are similar in sound; however, they are a pain to wear in hot or rainy weather.”

Nevertheless, Lauren is impressed with the technology, saying, “They can also be paired with my cell phone.”

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, Lauren advises others, “Go! Maybe people won’t have to keep repeating themselves so that you can hear them.”

Rodg – “Now I can listen to people.”

Hearing loss can take away many of life’s pleasures, such as chatting with friends and enjoying your favorite TV show. So, when Rodg had enough of missing out, he headed to South Bay Hearing.

Describing his initial appointment as “good,” Rodg’s hearing was comprehensively tested and he was prescribed hearing aids.

With his new devices, Rodg can now enjoy all his favorite things once again. “Now I can listen to people and the boob tube,” he says.

Giving South Bay Hearing a 10/10 rating, he enthusiastically encourages others, “Get your bottom in there!”

Anonymous – “They have made life easier to handle.”

Anonymous’s hearing loss was causing lots of anxiety about missing “something very important.” Plus, the cost of hearing aids also weighed on their mind.

Prior to their first appointment, Anonymous attended a special event at South Bay Hearing. “I went to a lecture by the founder of South Bay Hearing,” says Anonymous. This event provided potential patients with a clearer understanding about hearing loss.

Now armed with hearing facts, Anonymous made an appointment for a comprehensive hearing assessment, which resulted in a prescription for hearing aids.

“They have made life easier to handle day by day,” says Anonymous, referring to their new devices.
Rating South Bay Hearing a 9/10, Anonymous encourages others to learn all they can about hearing loss. “They should ask for an introductory lecture on the basis of loss of hearing and explain how the brain is involved in hearing, not just the ears,” Anonymous advises.

Priscilo Orcullo – “I am able to get back to communicating again.”

Priscilo decided to visit South Bay Hearing when following conversations became too frustrating. “My wife would keep on repeating everything she has to say,” Priscilo recalls.

Deciding to get to the root of the problem sooner than later, Priscilo says, “I was confident when I came for a check-up.” Following the appointment, where hearing aids were prescribed, Priscilo did not leave disappointed.

Rating South Bay Hearing a 10/10, Priscilo says, “I am able to get back to communicating again.” Hoping that others will choose to make an appointment, Priscilo adds that if they do, then “they choose very well.”

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