What Are the Top Four Symptoms of a Hearing Loss?

Tens of thousands of Americans are diagnosed with a hearing loss each year, and in many cases, it’s a reflection that they’ve had a series of amazing experiences. But as doctors of audiology, one issue that concerns us the most is that people don’t recognize the early symptoms of their condition. While hearing loss is often permanent, if we catch it early, someone’s hearing can be preserved at a very high level for well into the future. Many people assume that the symptoms are easy to detect. But as hearing loss often occurs very gradually, they’re much harder to find than you might think.

These are the top four signs to look out for if you or someone else has a hearing loss.

Your family sees a difference

Regularly, it won’t be you that notices the first signs of a hearing loss but members of your family. Those with a hearing loss often unconsciously adapt their behavior, using strategies like lipreading to communicate with others. The widespread use of face masks has recently revealed to many that they have a hearing problem, as these stop them from relying on facial cues and expressions. If you recognize that a relative is constantly asking you to repeat phrases, it’s time for them to call us and book an appointment.

“Is everyone mumbling?”

Another key sign that you have a hearing loss is that it sounds like everyone is mumbling when they talk to you. Someone with a hearing loss will also turn the volume on their TV to higher than normal, and they might struggle to understand children’s voices or those with different accents. Initially, it can seem like everyone else is the problem. But actually, the real issue is usually your own hearing. However, with the help of our specialists and excellent treatments, you’ll be able to hear the world in fantastic clarity once again.


Often those with a hearing loss begin to find social occasions difficult experiences, especially in environments where lots of people are talking at once. Restaurants and cafés where there’s a high level of background noise can also be frustrating, as it’s hard for someone with a hearing loss to distinguish between speakers. As a result, those with a hearing loss can sometimes withdraw from society — a side effect of the constant tiredness they feel when communicating with others.

With our exceptional care services, the team at South Bay Hearing can make a huge difference in someone’s life and help them get back to being a pivotal member of society.

“I can hear a ringing sound”

A further symptom that normally indicates a hearing loss is a persistent ringing sound in your ear, known as tinnitus. You might experience this intermittently. Tinnitus can arise from a single event, before developing over time to become a significant problem. When it becomes consistent, it’s often a sign of a permanent issue. Despite this, our doctors of audiology can treat the symptoms of tinnitus, relieving many of the most frustrating elements of this condition.
Are you concerned about a hearing loss or know someone else who is? Contact the team at South Bay Hearing, and they’ll be happy to help you!

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