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How Can You Help Restore Your Relationships with Your Loved Ones?

A couple walking together on a fall day

Equip Yourself with Accurate Information

An effective conversation about hearing loss doesn’t have to be an argument. Equipped with the signs of hearing loss, the latest data about how common it is, and effective reasons to get checked, you’ll know how to answer questions, address concerns, and respond to objections appropriately.

A couple walking together on a golf course

Stop Feeling Powerless to Help Them Hear Better

Male spouses and parents can be very stubborn and hard to reason with. It doesn’t mean they won’t listen, but they need to feel respected and like they are solving the problem themselves, as the leader and provider. It is not only possible, but in their best interest, to help them find help.

An older couple spending time together gardening

Improved Hearing Can Restore the Joy of Life

There will always be other things people will want to spend their time doing rather than getting their hearing checked. Hearing loss is so important to address, however, because it affects everything else in life and has such an impact on overall health. Knowing the related health problems is essential.

See how Others Have Benefitted from Improved Hearing

Conchita Kemp, patient of South Bay Hearing

Conchita became concerned about her hearing when she noticed she was “missing words” during conversations. This prompted her to make an appointment with South Bay Hearing to find out what was happening.

She remembers the appointment as “awesome” and was impressed with Dr. Ian and the staff. Conchita was prescribed hearing aids following her comprehensive hearing test.

She says she is getting on with her new devices "very well."

Conchita rates South Bay Hearing a 10/10 and says that anyone who is struggling to hear “should go for an evaluation.”

Conchita Kemp – “Awesome.”

Anthony Norton, patient of South Bay Hearing

Anthony became concerned about his hearing when “certain words were harder to hear.”

He didn’t hesitate to turn to South Bay Hearing for help. Anthony says the team was “very concerned in helping me hear better.”

His appointment began with a discussion about his concerns and challenges. Following a few simple tests, Anthony received his results right away. Hearing aids were recommended, and Anthony is happy with the outcome.

He says, “My hearing has greatly improved. It’s nice not having to ask someone to repeat what they just said.”

Anthony gives South Bay Hearing a 9/10 rating and advises prospective patients, “Give them a call. They are there to help and they do!”

Anthony Norton – “Give them a call.”

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