Matt Young, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology with South Bay Hearing

Dr. Matt Young is pleased to be part of the team at South Bay Hearing, returning to his native roots in the South Bay. Matt was introduced to the challenges of hearing loss early in his life, as he was diagnosed with moderately severe hearing loss at the young age of 3. The hearing loss was unexpected. Matt quickly began to absorb language after his first hearing aid fitting and has benefited from the technology since then. More than 25 years later, Matt’s hearing loss has become his life’s work. His personal experience with his own hearing loss has provided insight that makes him uniquely qualified to assist others in their hearing journey.

Matt attended the local schools of Mira Catalina Elementary, Miraleste Intermediate, and Palos Verdes High School. Choosing to continue his seaside education, Matt attended UC Santa Barbara, creating his own interdisciplinary major combining course work from audiology, biology, and neuropsychology. He also volunteered at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro for six years, providing tours to school-age children.

In 2011 Matt moved to Nashville to attend the #1-ranked audiology doctorate program in the country at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. While embracing the Southern culture of Nashville as a student, Matt worked for the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Audiology Clinic. He devoted his thesis work to studying patient input in conjunction with clinic efficiency. Matt’s love of Nashville and Vanderbilt led him to accept an externship and, later, a full-time clinical position as a doctor of audiology specializing in pediatric hearing aids, adult diagnostics, and vestibular diagnostics. Working with children was particularly personal work as Matt often saw himself in his patients, and his parents in the families looking for solutions. He is passionate about using his experience to assist others in improving their quality of life through better hearing health care.

While the gentle summer thunderstorms, rich biscuits and gravy, and live music of Nashville were lovely, Matt was ready to move home. After seven years in the South, the Pacific Ocean beckoned him home. In his free time, Matt enjoys cooking restaurant-worthy meals for his family and friends, perfecting his talents as an amateur photographer, and pursuing his interest in film, ranging from foreign/independent films to fun blockbuster movies. Matt spends time every day appreciating his return to the South Bay by walking along the coast in San Pedro or Palos Verdes.

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