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#1 Most Modifiable Risk Factor for Preventing Dementia

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Nearly every 3-4 seconds another individual is diagnosed with Dementia. The average annual cost to care for a loved one with Dementia is approximately ~$57,000 per year. Nearly 50% of all cases of Dementia are Alzheimer’s related. And, there is not a SINGLE drug available on the market approved to treat Alzheimer’s.

In fact, the Lancet Medical Journal report highlighted that nearly 35% of all Dementia cases are considered preventable.


While there are many factors that contribute to one’s risk of developing Dementia, including diet, education, genetics, etc., this report places special focus on the role of both age-related vision and hearing loss as contributing factors to cognitive decline and Dementia. Vision and Hearing impairment in seniors is associated with progressive neural degeneration (e.g. there is a reduction in nerves that connect the ears and eyes to the brain).This impact on the neural networks within the brain may lead to significant cerebral atrophy (i.e. brain shrinkage) that contributes to cognitive decline and Dementia.

What Makes South Bay Hearing Different?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our audiology team is so confident that you will love your hearing rehabilitation experience, we back it up with a 75-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. You read that correctly! Our hearing treatments come with a guarantee on your service and prescription programming. If you feel less than 100% satisfied with the hearing care and service we provide you for your hearing needs, let us know within 75 days of receiving your hearing aid and we will do what it takes to make you happy. We want you to have the best experience possible when you visit our hearing center, and this is one more way we strive to provide you with an unparalleled hearing care experience.

Extensive Experience

Our expert audiologists have helped over 30,000 happy patients get back to living their lives with improved hearing since 2007. Your hearing health is important to us, and our audiologists are passionate about helping as many people as possible to restore clarity to their sound experience, including you! Our hearing doctors and the team are constantly continuing their education, too. We always strive to keep up to date with the latest, most innovative ways to provide you with exemplary care that meets your unique hearing needs.

Award-Winning Team

At South Bay Hearing, we take our responsibility to you and your healthy hearing very seriously. We work diligently to stay on top of current trends and new innovations in audiology (the science of hearing). We also strive to maintain a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in our hearing center. Our core purpose is to ensure your comfort and happiness from the moment you walk through our doors.

Advanced Technology

We are proud to be able to provide state-of-the-art hearing aids with NeuroTechnology™ as part of your hearing rehabilitation. Enjoy true hearing clarity with hearing aids at South Bay Hearing. NeuroTechnology™ addresses the critical link between the sounds received by your ears and your brain’s ability to process those sounds efficiently and correctly.

Same Day Appointments

Because we strive to provide an entirely customized experience for your hearing aid treatment, there are times that adjustments become necessary during the early adaptation period. We never want you to experience unnecessary discomfort from your hearing aid. If you are struggling with your new hearing aid in any way despite following our guidelines, we will provide you with an emergency customization appointment at NO COST to you at our on-site hearing aid lab. Contact us today for a better hearing experience with an audiologist who cares about your comfort.

Flexible Payment Options

Technologically advanced hearing aids are an investment for better hearing health and improved cognitive ability. At South Bay Hearing, we want to make it easy for you to have access to high-quality hearing aid solutions without your treatment being overly burdensome to your finances. As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer flexible monthly payment options, including 0% interest payment plans, through Wells Fargo Health Financing and Care Credit.

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