Widex is now number three on the list of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers since their start more than 65 years ago. WS Audiology, established from the 2019 merger of Widex and Sivantos, is a global leader in production and innovation of hearing devices.

Exacting standards, a “passion for sound,” a commitment to long term partnerships with hearing care providers, and the development of innovative hearing aid technology are all part of the company’s success. 21st century developments have led to the production of the most advanced sound engines on the market with AI powered personalization and seamless integration with other digital technology are common features of Widex hearing instruments.

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Advanced Hearing Technology Solutions from Widex

Widex Moment RIC

DEX Technology, which makes hearing aid connectivity options for iPhone and Android possible, is the gold standard for modern digital audio solutions provided by Widex. In addition, cutting-edge machine learning and the Widex Fluid Sound Analyzer, make it possible for you to personalize and optimize sound settings to overcome the challenges of any listening environment.

Musicians worldwide prefer Widex when it comes to streaming music through your hearing aids, which are capable of reproducing natural music sound. The company’s Moment technology allows hearing aid users to experience a crisper, more natural sound by synchronizing the arrival of sound not processed through the instrument with processed sound.

Widex Zen Therapy integrates fractal tone technology with the Zen app into their specialized devices in order to provide an advanced, innovative solution for those struggling with tinnitus. Connectivity with iPhone and Android devices, when connected to the TeamViewer app, allows you to request and receive tech-support and troubleshooting for a hearing device from a remote location, so you to continue to reap the benefits of pure sound quality no matter where you are.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care from South Bay Hearing

Our audiologists at South Bay Hearing provide access to a number of advanced hearing technology solutions, like Widex hearing aids, to meet your hearing care needs, but technology can never replace the primary focus of the personalized hearing care we provide. At South Bay Hearing our primary focus is you.

Professional comprehensive hearing assessments to accurately identify your hearing challenges combined with our commitment to guide you through selecting the hearing instruments that best addresses your unique hearing care needs as well as meeting your budget and personal preferences keeps you at the center.

We take things a step further by providing ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair of devices from manufacturers like Widex, ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, and more in order to deliver better hearing and a better quality of life to the entire South Bay community.

If a hearing challenge is interrupting your daily life, or the life of a loved one, or your hearing aids need a little TLC from one of our hearing instrument specialists, contact us using the adjacent form or call us today at 310-803-9496.

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