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Use our site to find a location near you that has a hearing loop installed, then talk to your hearing aid provider to make sure your hearing aids are compatible. Then go there and try it out. Once you’ve experienced the difference, think about the places you go where you’d like to be able to hear even better than what your hearing aids allow.


The best way to see improvements in hearing accessibility in your area – and this is easier than you’d think – is to just ask those in charge to make these improvements to their facilities. Believe it or not, there are many, many examples of establishments – churches, theaters, community and retirement centers – that have installed hearing loops just because they were convinced that this is the best technology out there. Places where community comes together lose their purpose when people can’t hear each other, can’t hear the message, can’t hear the music… and there may be more willingness – and more funding – to make these advancements than you might expect.


Talk to others who might also like to see these changes in your community. A few more voices asking for change are many times more convincing, and if there are funding issues the more people pitching in, the better. Many churches and community centers have hearing loops installed that were paid for in full by their own congregations and residents, rather than the administration. Think of how freely management would give permission to make improvements to their facilities when there is no cost to them!

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Let your friends and family, and especially your audiologist, know what you now know.
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