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About South Bay Hearing

If you are experiencing a hearing loss, you are likely to endure a great deal of frustration when it comes to understanding what others are saying. Increased frustration can lead to social isolation, decreased feelings of self-worth, strained relationships, and a lower quality of life. Your lifestyle doesn’t have to suffer if you get help for your hearing loss from a hearing care professional.

In order to provide our patients in Torrance, CA with a clear choice in hearing care, we set a goal of providing you with hearing rehabilitation solutions that make it possible to savor all of the sounds in the world around you. The five doctors of audiology at South Bay Hearing meet that goal through unparalleled expertise, compassionate care, and state-of-the-art hearing technology.

By focusing on the unique needs of each of our patients, we have helped to transform more than 30,000 lives in the South Bay area of Los Angeles and improved their overall quality of life since we opened our doors in 2007.

Our Practice Specialities

  • Hearing Assessments

    A major concern of aging adults is the development of cognitive decline and dementia, which is far more likely for individuals with an untreated hearing loss. In fact, the risk increases by 200% for those with a mild hearing loss while those with increased levels of hearing loss severity run a risk of up to 500%.

    Your ticket to avoiding cognitive decline and dementia begins with a hearing assessment, used to identify the severity of your hearing loss and establish a personalized hearing care plan that will slow down or prevent the onset of these debilitating health conditions.

  • Advanced Hearing Technology

    Untreated hearing loss produces a significant negative impact on your quality of life. However, the Ohio State University ENT Division revealed that hearing aids can reduce the frustration of hearing loss by improving the clarity of your listening environment by limiting the interference caused by moderate background noise.

    While modern hearing aid technology amplifies sound, it takes things a step further than outdated models by applying advanced technologies which are able to reduce background noise and produce enhanced voice and sound clarity. Among the features of today’s hearing aids are discrete wearing, rechargeable batteries, and the ability to link your hearing device to other digital devices such as your smartphone, television, or PC.

    Individuals struggling with severe hearing loss and communication challenges sometimes benefit from the advanced technology cochlear implants that are also available to our patients through South Bay Hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss affects individuals of all ages and walks of life, so we work to head it off by providing custom hearing protection for riders, rockers, shooters, and everyone in between.

  • Providing Relief from Tinnitus

    The neurological condition known as tinnitus can present as ongoing ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing sounds, which are phantom sounds produced by your brain. Most of the estimated 50 million Americans who experience tinnitus only experience it occasionally, but those with chronic tinnitus continue to experience the stress, anxiety, and loss of sleep that threatens the quality of their lives without any end in sight.

    Those struggling with tinnitus in Torrance can look to South Bay Hearing for relief. Our team of experts makes use of proven tinnitus management techniques and technologies that produce real, measurable results.

  • Personalized Hearing Care

    South Bay Hearing’s greatest desire is to ensure that all South Bay-area residents are able to experience the life-enriching benefits that are the result of top-level hearing care. Through additional expert services, such as hearing aid maintenance and repair, aural rehabilitation, earwax management, and more, we’re doing what it takes to make our passion your reality.

    When you aren’t able to make an in-office appointment due to health concerns, scheduling problems, travel issues, or any other reasons, you can still receive the hearing care you need by taking advantage of our tele-health consultations from the comfort of your Torrance home.

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Our Team

Melinda “Sunni” McBride, Au.D.

Advisory Board / Founder of South Bay Hearing

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Ian Gerszewski, Au.D.

President of South Bay Hearing / Doctor of Audiology

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Matt Young, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology with South Bay Hearing

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Chris Johnson, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology with South Bay Hearing

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Meredith Resnick, M.A., CCC-A

Clinical Audiologist with South Bay Hearing

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