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Over 30,000 Lives Transformed In South Bay Of Los Angeles Since 1996

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Understanding How Hearing Aid Technology Works

The Secret to Improved Hearing Begins With Your Brain

torrance ca hearing aidsYou hear with your brain, not with your ears. Your hearing is a cognitive process, not a mechanical one. Your ears receive sounds, but it is your brain that needs to process those sounds to give meaning to you.

When your ears receive sounds, your brain simultaneously performs the following four tasks:

  • Provides orientation according to the position of sounds, using both ears
  • Separates sound sources
  • Focuses on significant information
  • Recognizes & interprets each sound

Whenever there are missing sounds, your brain tries to fill in the gap – an often difficult and exhausting process. Good hearing isn’t simply a question of making sounds loud enough – it is about helping your brain understand the sounds you hear. That’s why our team at South Bay Hearing has moved from an “ear first” to a “brain first” approach to hearing.

How Does NeuroTechnology Enhance the Function of Your Hearing Aid?

With NeuroTechnology™ treatment, you will be able to enjoy 3 key improvements to your hearing clarity:

  • Super speech recognition – Speech Guard works to make all sounds as clear and distinct as possible. The technology provides clinically evidenced improvements in speech understanding in noisy situations and makes it easier to engage actively in conversations. It helps to reduce the effort required to understand speech and makes it easier for you to select and switch between conversation partners.
  • Identifies sources of sound – Our ability to determine precisely where sounds are coming from is crucial to navigating everyday life. Your spatial hearing helps you take appropriate action when sounds come from different directions and sources, by either moving to safety or turning your head to optimize your hearing conditions. Spatial Sound helps you use the differences in sound to better orient you as to the location of sounds around you.
  • Increases understanding of quiet voices – Making sense of soft sounds is an important part of making sense of a listening situation. Soft Speech Booster enriches and increases the number of details in soft speech while maintaining a high level of sound quality.

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