Why do so many people have an untreated hearing loss?

During Hearing Health Awareness Month, the team at South Bay Hearing is educating the Torrance community about the solutions available to them.

But one of the biggest issues is that not enough people seek assistance when they first recognize they have symptoms.

John Hopkins University estimates it takes an average of ten years for someone to speak to a specialist. But during this time, conditions often become more complex and worsen.

In truth, there are a number of reasons why people choose to ignore their hearing loss. These are the three that our staff most regularly come across.

Past impressions

One of the main reasons why people decide not to treat their conditions is that they believe the technology hasn’t developed since the early days.

Many remember the whistling, bulky, and ineffective devices from the ‘60s and ‘70s and assume that they’ll be fitted with something very similar.

However, today, hearing technology is incredibly advanced.

Devices are now small and discrete and packed full of amazing features. Wearers can stream music from their smartphones and personalize their experience via apps.

This means if you’re a great candidate for hearing aids, the tiny instrument in your ear will give you a world of possibilities.

Concerns about aging

Another reason why people choose to delay treatments for as long as possible is that they feel that admitting to a condition will make them feel older and less valued in society.

This links back to the historic stigma that used to haunt many with a hearing loss. But as more people understand the risks of untreated conditions, public opinion is rapidly changing.

Over forty million people currently have a hearing loss in America, with this number expected to almost double by 2060.

And now, medical researchers understand that it doesn’t just affect the way people interpret sounds, but it can also diminish their cognitive capability as well.

Consequently, hearing loss is becoming seen as just another health issue to conquer – with individuals of all ages seeking specialist treatment to preserve this core sense.

Worries about costs

It’s also common for people to have concerns about the investment required to treat their condition.

While this might have been true twenty years ago, when micro-technology was in its early stages, now times have changed.

Hearing loss can be treated with a range of budgets.

In addition, health insurance companies frequently cover the costs of treatment, either partially or in full, making it even more accessible.
Are you concerned about a hearing loss or know someone else who is? Contact the team at South Bay Hearing, and they’ll be happy to help you move forward!

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