The Phonak Alpina brand released its first portable audio devices in 1950. With 70 years under their belts, a leader in the development of wireless communication, Phonak has applied their expertise to the manufacture of hearing devices while following their philosophy that “life is on.”

Visaton Super (1967), a pair of glasses with integrated hearing aids, was the beginning of a long string of innovations that include the world’s first BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid (Phonette) in 1970, and the audio input that became the foundation for FM devices in 1979.

A digitally programmed hearing aid with an analogue processor (PICS) was released by Phonak, in 1992, the AudioZoom multi-microphone concept in 1994, and the first tiny FM receiver (MicroLink) in 1996.

The first digital hearing system with FM receiver was produced by Phonak in 1999, the tiny MLx ear-level FM receiver hearing system the following year, and SmartLink (Bluetooth integration technology) in 2003 were added to the list of Phonak innovations.

Materials technology developments in producing water-resistant housings in 2008 was combined with nano-digital technology, allowing Phonak to produce the world’s first extended wear hearing aids in 2011.

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Advanced Hearing Solutions from Phonak

Phonak Audeo M Hearing Aid

The newest Phonak hearing aids utilize bionic systems and Binaural VoiceStream Technology that is capable of improving sound distinction by up to 45% of challenging noise environments.

Phonak provides a wide range of traditional hearing aid solutions with enhanced performance, crisp sound clarity, noise canceling capabilities, integrated tinnitus management, advanced recharging capabilities, and improved connectivity.

Smartphone connectivity allows seamless streaming from Android, iPhone, and a wide range of Bluetooth compatible digital devices with hi-fi stereo quality sound. Coupled with the myPhonak app, hearing aid users can connect with their hearing care provider to receive troubleshooting, counseling, and programming adjustment from wherever they are without the need for an in-office consultation.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care from South Bay Hearing

Our audiologists at South Bay Hearing provide access to a number of advanced hearing technology solutions, like Phonak hearing aids, to meet your hearing care needs, but technology can never replace the primary focus of the personalized hearing care we provide. At South Bay Hearing our primary focus is you.

Professional comprehensive hearing assessments to accurately identify your hearing challenges combined with our commitment to guide you through selecting the hearing instruments that best addresses your unique hearing care needs as well as meeting your budget and personal preferences keeps you at the center.

We take things a step further by providing ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair of devices from manufacturers like Phonak, Starkey, Widex, Signia, and more in order to deliver better hearing and a better quality of life to the entire South Bay community.

If a hearing challenge is interrupting your daily life, or the life of a loved one, or your hearing aids need a little TLC from one of our hearing instrument specialists, contact us using the adjacent form or call us today at 310-803-9496.

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